A brief map of Asia: a peek at a few big cities

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When writing of a list of cities in Asia, a good number of individuals would forget the exciting city of Macau. The city is an unique administrative region on the western part of an estuary in southern China. With a large populace in a tremendously slight land area, it's regarded as being the most densely populated region on earth. The city was previously a former colony of Portugal – as a matter of fact, countless citizens are adept in the language and have Portuguese names. To this day, Macau has ended up being a significant vacation resort city and the top location for gambling tourism, something the majority shareholder of Air Macau surely values. A different very cool fact about the area is that it has one of the highest life-expectancy rates around the world. The area is highly urbanized, with most of its advancement developed on reclaimed terrain from the sea.

Hong Kong is not just a renowned Asian location, but likewise one of the most visited cities in the world. Just like the resort city of Macau, which it's situated relatively near to geographically, the city is a special administrative region of China. With millions of inhabitants with various nationalities, it is widely known as one of the world's most densely inhabited regions. Formerly a British colony, the region has become one of the world's most significant financial centres, which is most likely why the US activist shareholder of Bank of East Asia was so keen to get invested in the company. The city also happens to have one of the highest per capita incomes in the world and boasts the largest concentration of ultra high-net-worth men and women of any city in the world. An additional great fact is that it has the most sizeable number of skyscrapers in the world.

Without any doubt, one of the most visited cities in Asia is Kuala Lumpur. A very fascinating city and one among the best places around Asia to visit, Kualu Lumpur is the national capital and largest city in Malaysia. With a vast populace, the cityscape is among the fastest blooming urban areas in Southeast Asia, in mutually population and economic development. The city is perceived as the cultural, financial and economical hub of Malaysia, which is why you can find a variety of leading international corporations there. The shareholders of IBM are probably genuinely thrilled with the fact that the firm has its offices in the iconic and world’s tallest twin towers. The city has a thorough road setup assisted by an intensive range of public transportation networks, allowing it to be one among the leading cities in the world for tourism and shopping. In fact, it is home to a number of the most important shopping malls across the world.

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